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Got a lazy caravan or campervan in the driveway, but can’t bear to part with it? List it with Caramavan and get bucketloads of cash.

Carry-my-what? Caramavan! We are an online Australian community for people to list and rent privately owned caravans and campervans. Got a van and want to make cash on the side? Rent it out on Caramavan. Most people are familiar with holiday house rental websites, such as Airbnb. Caramavan is the same peer-to-peer concept, translated to vans. It’s the holiday rental website on wheels. 

Caramavan is recruiting vans to list online. Van owners provide photographs and set their own daily or weekly rental rate. Owners approve who rents their van and when the van is available. Insurance cover is optional through Caramavan’s range of insurance companies. When a van is listed, it is ready to rent it out. Caramavan takes a small fee for each booking made, and owners pocket the rest.

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